Open WorldCat pilot [OCLC]

Ever wonder what happened to libraries? The WorldCat pilot is an effort to integrate library holdings with Internet indexes.

Search in Yahoo! or Google for an item, and if something’s found in the WorldCat catalogue, you will receive a link to library holdings. Click on the link and enter your location information to find the item in a library near you.

Open WorldCat pilot [OCLC]

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  1. Tom Booth Says:

    According to information on this site: there will be a transition to some form of “membership” service.: “Next steps
    Transition Open WorldCat from pilot service to permanent membership…”

    No mention is made in regard to membership fees if any. Though I believe library membership in OCLC is already a requirement: “To participate in the Open WorldCat pilot, a library must have contributed records and/or ownership (holdings) information to WorldCat.”

    Will there be an additional fee on top of the current OCLC library membership fee?

    One site mentions: “When you want to do a search, you access the databases through OCLC’s fee for service (means not free!) system” –

  2. Paul Wilford Says:

    The OCLC is a non-profit cooperative of member libraries, so I assume fees (if any) are due to expenses which are distributed among the members libraries – not the users.

    There is a fee (according to the referenced State University of New York web site) for searching via the FirstSearch research service. This is a service which accesses WorldCat among other databases (such as Medline and ERIC). FirstSearch isn’t WorldCat: it’s a research service which access WorldCat.

    The search engines have been carrying a subset of WorldCat data as a pilot project. OCLC hopes to make search engine access of WorldCat a permanent part of their service to member libraries.

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