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EPIC 2014

Sunday, December 5th, 2004

Another perspective on the evolution of Google:

A very well done 8 minute Flash item purporting to be a 2014 presentation from the Museum of Media History on how Google and Amazon came together to rule the news world.

EPIC 2014

It was created by Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson.

I wish they’d taken it a little further – it’s 2014 – you’ve got Amazon with its databases of consumer activity, and Google databases of social networks, massive databases of web pages and other resources, and so on – you know what people buy, where they live, what they do, what they talk about, and who they know. You have a database of the entire indexed web at your finger-tips, and you are among the first to know when information becomes available, and one of the few who can adequately mine it.

The mind boggles, it practically boogles at what one could do with this information. Surely it would be more than supplanting traditional news organisations with automated and personalised news reporting. Something more insidious; like tracking people from birth to death, connecting the dots through social networks, or continually eavesdropping on what people are talking about or doing on the Internet. Or simply having the greatest consumer behavior database tied to the store that wants to sell everything.

I mean, with resources like that, how can you not do evil?