Wired: We Are the Web

From August’s Wired magazine, here’s a forward-looking and enthusiastic view of the web and its significance. It’s a good read if you’re feeling discouraged and need to be reminded why the Internet is so cool, and why you just can’t leave its destiny to people who don’t love it the way you do!

“Weaving nerves out of glass and radio waves, our species began wiring up all regions, all processes, all facts and notions into a grand network. From this embryonic neural net was born a collaborative interface for our civilization, a sensing, cognitive device with power that exceeded any previous invention. The Machine provided a new way of thinking (perfect search, total recall) and a new mind for an old species. It was the Beginning.”

The web is a proto-intelligence, comparable to a brain, and you and I are witnesses to the beginning of it.

Wired: We Are the Web

Perpetual footnote: If you create an intelligence, you’re eventually going to have to set it free.

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