Whose Internet is This?

Does it belong to you?

Who does it belong to?

The Internet is participatory and cooperative - you're one of billions of lights on the Internet.

Who decides what you see, what you can do, who you can communicate with?

Who decides what gets through to you?

That's who owns you.

Who owns you?

How can we, as individuals, ensure that what get through to us isn't being used to control us? How can we claim the Internet as common ground?

We do it as a group by controlling the flow of information ourselves.

The very best indexThe very best index is the one that returns the results you need. Sometimes that means results that others don't want you to see. Some people will pay money to place particular results in front of you. Perhaps you don't want them to. An index has to serve you first. If getting the best results is the top priority, then other considerations shouldn't interfere.