Public Internet/Public Index

Why can’t a public resource be owned and managed by the public? Do we need to place our trust – and our global Internet resource – in the hands of private interests?

Could we do a better job by creating a public index designed to evolve with the Internet, and to provide a direct and unfettered link between Internet resources and the people who are searching for them?

Could it be designed to resist interference and corruption by special interest groups? Could it resist anti-democratic action? Could it resist all kinds of legal and political challenges to be a tool of the public instead of a tool of manipulation?

Could it continue to operate through war and disaster? Would it be equally available and equally honest and complete to users wherever they live, and whatever their politics, interests or beliefs?

It is easy to imagine scenarios where people would desire to restrict indexes. Already we have instances of commercial index results being manipulated to favour certain sponsors, and it is common for governments to limit access to resources to its own citizens.

Private indexes are a screen between the public resources of the Internet and the public. We have a responsibility to protect the resource, and to guarantee that our access to Internet resources is not limited or distorted by anyone.

No private interest should control the availability of public information to the public. It is the responsibility of the public to manage and protect public resources.