Why Should I Care?

In part, the Internet belongs to whoever has the money to buy into it. Because of the need to resolve serious commercial issues, the Internet is in constant danger of being viewed and regulated as a commercial venue.

Thus we have taxation issues, copyright issues, jurisdictional issues, security issues, and so on that threaten to redefine the Internet as property for commercial development when originally commercial use was largely prohibited!

We are in danger of seeing a significant tool for the further democratization of our society – a tool for cooperative development and exchange of ideas – being co-opted as a business platform with access and priority given to business.

If we accept this, then it is just a matter of time before the rules and regulations laid down to protect commercial interests interfere with the use of the Internet by individual and community interests.

The index that enables you to access the resources on the ‘net is as important as the resources themselves – if you can’t find them, they might as well not exist! Putting that power in the hands of a few corporations, confers control over the entire Internet on those corporations. Time consolidates that control, and the public Internet is lost.